Jewel tones for the win

Hello Lovelies,

Zimmie and I have joined forces to create Two is Better. We are so excited about this new endeavor. To kick off our first look together we decided on an all black look with a pop of jewel tones.

When we first posted this look, everyone thought Zimmie was wearing a purple skirt. But actually they are purple pleated velvet pants from Zara! They are so cute they even make Barney look chic! Zee is wearing a blue-ish grey accordion pleated skirt, which is also from you already know it, Zara!

To accessorize Zimmie threw on a black essential, such as this moto-jacket which is just $69 and her Chanel WOC! Zee belted her skirt with a statement belt that has shiny faux pearls on the buckle. Giving off a more polished feel to the outfit.

It was fun to shoot together as twins. There was a lot of prep work involved but once we got into the swing of things, everything was a breeze. Between posing for the camera and trying not to freeze our butts off we couldn’t be happier.

For shoes Zee wore a pair of kitten mules. The bow details make any girls feet look like presents. Zimmie wore black patent booties from Jeffrey Campbell. We can’t stress enough how comfortable they are to wear.

Thank you all for reading!

Until next time, Ciao